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 January 2010

I have been thinking about something lately.  I was recently at MD Anderson Cancer Center.   It brought back bad memories for me.  I spent a great deal of time there with my father and then later when I was an oncology patient.   Seeing how much the center has grown just proves to me that the staff at this hospital are serious.  I consider MD Anderson to be more like the front battle lines in a war.  They fight cancer just like our brave soldiers fight our enemies overseas.  Sitting in those waiting rooms and talking to people is something I hope you never have to see or hear.  I felt very bad for a young mother that was waiting to hear what was wrong with her 2 year old.  You also get to see how far people travel just to come to that hospital.  Then, later on in the week, some of my family gathered near the hospital to watch the UT-Alabama National Championship game.  While being in that hotel lounge watching that game and staring across the street at the hospital, I wondered why we don’t support the doctors and nurses that fight cancer like we support sports teams?  I was listening to people yell and cheer at a bunch of football uniforms while looking at relatives of patients with a very fearful look in their eyes.  Who was cheering for them?  Who were their fans?  I started to think about how our perspectives were all messed up.  I started to think about some young research scientist that was probably labeled a nerd back in high school and made fun of, was now sitting in a lab across the street from this lounge trying to find a cure for this dreadful disease.  Where are their fans?  Who cheers for them?   Did they get a full scholarship to college?  Do they get recognized?  Do people wear their jersey or buy their posters?  What about the patients?  What do we do to support them?  They face a battle for their own existence.  Where are their fans?  Who cheers for them?  Until you have had a loved one die in your arms from cancer, or have yourself heard the words… “you have cancer”  it will be difficult for anyone to understand.  I hope and pray that you never have to hold that loved one, or hear those words. 

November 2009

2009 was in interesting year.  I have been on the road a lot working to promote my Brands.  I have missed lots of things back home.  It’s interesting how you miss not only the obvious things like your family, but the things you take for granted…. like…washers and dryers, a refrigerator,  and pillows!  Beds don’t matter to me.  But pillows do.  I like hard pillows.  In hotels, if the pillows are too soft, I will sometimes take cushions off of chairs and couches and use those.  I remember when I was in the hospital at Seton, the nurses were kind enough to roll up large towels with tape for me to use as pillows.   I am seriously thinking about hauling my own pillows around next year.  I don’t care if SWA charges me or not…  a good nights sleep when you have to travel like I do is very important. 

My trips to Chicago have been very rewarding.  I really like the people I work with.  Las Vegas also…  but the economy in Las Vegas is very depressed right now.  That doesn’t seem to be the case in Chicago.  I really have respect for BBQ fans that will line up outside a restaurant and wait in a long line in 10 degree weather.  Rain, snow.. it doesn’t matter.  The staff in Chicago are amazing.  They work diligently to put out great products.
In 2009, I traveled to 16 States.  Mostly to our north and west.  In 2010, it appears I will be heading east.  Into the Carolina’s and up through New England.  I look forward to working with my new customers in those areas. 

In our Family.... how do you spell your reward for another semester of straight A's ?
C-R-A-W-F-I-S-H and Cajun B-O-U-D-I-N

We are all very proud of Timothy and I am so impressed with his ability to enjoy such an assortment of foods. I know his grandpa Rudy would be so thrilled to see how his grandson enjoys such a wide food variety. I can remember the last trip to Rockport we all took as a family before my father passed away and he laughed at Meggie who was just 4 years old and how much she enjoyed crab claws. Timothy recently appeared on a demo video with me for the Food Network. He enjoys watching me in the kitchen and is learning to be a good cook just like his grandpa and grandma.

March 1st , 2008

So, Tim where in the world have you been? That's a question I have been asked a lot lately. Actually, I have been spending most of my free time building my online BBQ E-Commerce website. Timothy and I have been spending some quality time together. I have been teaching him how to cook in the kitchen my parents designed 46 years ago. Timothy enjoys living near the golf course and having plenty of room to play. He is becoming a very good cook! Just like his grandparents.

Speaking of my E-Commerce site.... www.TexasOnlineMeats.com , there has been national interest in our online meats and seasonings. We are now producing over 15 items that can be purchased online. Our seasonings are very popular! We have shipped our meats and seasonings all over the US and even to Europe, Asia and Saudi Arabia.

The other question I get a lot lately is... how do you feel? I feel fine most of the time and I am getting great advice from my new primary nephrologist Dr. Elena Slavchava. She is determined to keep my stage 3 kidney failure stable. I spend too much of my time seeing all my Doctors, but I understand they are all vital to my survival. I was very lucky to have survived renal cell cancer and even though I still face some health problems, I am very grateful. Seton hospital saved my life along with Dr.'s Phillips, Rice, Klocek, Klepper, Gilbert, Kennedy, Robinson and my oncologist Dr. Kaspar.

Meggie graduated from Texas A&M and is now in Law School! She makes us all very proud. Rudy will soon graduate from THS near the top of his class and has been accepted into UT. We are equally proud of him. Timothy is a straight A fourth grader and keeps us all busy. We are very close and even though he keeps adding to my gray hair, I love every minute we are together.

Seton Hospital has opened a wonderful Medical Center in Williamson County. Timothy and I were asked to help with its grand opening celebration. It was a great honor....

Timothy preparing to throw the switch to turn on the new hospitals lights!
The YouTube video is posted below.....

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April 27th, 2005

Many of you have asked for a discussion forum to openly view and discuss important issues regarding the City of Taylor. I have begun the process to build a forum. Please view my progress at http://forum.taylortxonline.com

My new commercial domain for issues relating to the City of Taylor will be www.TaylorTxOnline.com

I will be moving my personal information and family news to www.TimMikeska.com

Please let me know what you think!

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February 7th, 2005

I have decided not to run for re-election to the At-Large seat on the Taylor City Council.

My decision was based on many issues. Primarily,... my 7 year old son Timothy. I don't want to spend any more time away from him than necessary. I have enjoyed my service to the City of Taylor. The current and past two City Councils have worked very hard to accomplish their goals. I am very proud of the work we achieved together.

I want to thank Frank Salvato for his dedicated work to the City. He is an exceptional City Manager and we are fortunate to have him. I want to thank our City Clerk, Susan Brock for her assistance to the Council. I would also like to thank our City Attorney, Ted Hejl for his guidance and to all the staff and employees of the City of Taylor. Finally, I want to recognize the service of our former City Clerk Barbara Belz. She was a devoted city employee and a great friend to the Council. We all miss her very much.

My life is much different than it was 3 years ago. I have learned that life can be very short. I survived many unique challenges with the help of my family and my friends. I thank each and every one of you.

I plan on continuing my service to the citizens as Fire Chief of the Taylor Fire District. I will endeavor to establish Williamson County Emergency Service District # 9 to facilitate the growing needs of rural fire protection. I will continue this website as source of information for the citizens about the City of Taylor.

It was an honor serving on the Taylor City Council.


Tim Mikeska



May 2002 ........

This website is my personal attempt to communicate with the citizens of my community on important issues that challenge us. I believe communication is vital to our mutual awareness of how the Taylor City Council functions from both the city staff viewpoint and most importantly the viewpoint of all our citizens. Historically, the means of communication within our city has been through media sources and gossip. These sources are not always the best and they can complicate the facts. I will be the first to admit that I don’t have all of the facts or answers to our problems. I will, however, use this site to share my thoughts, opinions, and views with all of my constituents. Together we can confront and discuss the many issues facing Taylor. I invite you to navigate to my "Council News" page and examine the topics I have listed. These topics will change monthly, so please revisit this site to stay informed with the many subjects that the Taylor City Council faces. My "Contact" page allows you to e-mail me to discuss the topics. I take my service to my community as a Councilmember very seriously, so please contact me and lets maintain an open channel of communication. I welcome you to this new era of information between the citizens of Taylor and their elected official.


Tim Mikeska
Councilmember At-large
City of Taylor

Home Page Update: March 17th, 2003

As many of you know by now, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer on March 5th. To say this was a "shock" would be a huge understatement. I lost my Father to cancer in 1989. I have since lost many friends to this disease. I was operated on almost immediately to remove my right kidney. During this time I had a chance to reflect on my life. I realized how fragile our human bodies are. How quick things can change. How sad you can become because there are so many things you have left to do. I saw fear in the eyes of my wife and children. But then I reflected back on what a great life I have had. Highlighted by having 3 wonderful children and many relatives and friends. I am proud of my accomplishments and most importantly I am proud of the the great faith in God that my parents instilled in me at an early age. My doctors have assured me that all of the cancer was removed and I should be cancer free. I am very fortunate that the cancer was caught early and was operable. I would like to thank all of my many friends who sent cards, flowers and e-mail's. I appreciate your prayers for me and my family. I want to sincerely thank Dr. Dan Rice, my GI Doctor who saved my life by detecting the cancer. I would like to also thank my surgeon, Dr. David Phillips and all the staff at Seton Medical Centers 7th Floor Oncology Department.

Tim and Timothy at home with all of the flowers sent from many wonderful friends.


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